Anonymous asked:

Kysa won't answer me! How come when one of you are online posting on your account and she's posting stuff at the same time. Mainly pictures on instagram.

She got a shit ton of messages to answer from what I understand it’s porably burried somewhere but I will answer this for you.

That’s not Kysa posting pics on her page it’s normally one of us posting stuff from her tablet onto instagram which is connected to her tumblr account. It’s too much trouble for us to switch the accounts around so we pick her page as the main picture posting page when it comes to I.G.

Like right now I’m about to finished something I promise to help out with and will be posting them on I.G which in turn will appear on her account.

So stop freaking out dude.

So me and BC got our hands full out here.

Apparently not only Kyle likes my host so does this new guy she been larping with.

So I told the new guy about us (Pretending to be my host of course) hoping he would think twice before going for my host and trying to date her. The other guy trying to some what date her has known about us for a few years, this other dude just met us at a convention about 2 months ago.

My planned back fired badly, I’m still quite insulted by his remark of "Oh god that’s adorable" last time i check it wasn’t adorable for me to be in a girls body…… ugh so I asked him does he know what D.I.D is and what really causes it in which he reply " Yes I know what is it and what causes it but I think that just makes you even more adorable and cool that I can meet so many different people"

I’m really trying to figure out if this guy is being serious or is just trying his hardest to impress my host and not make her feel so bad. -.-! Either way BC and I are keeping a very close eye on him.